How Energie 360° invests in start-ups

Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to identify investors or business angels in Switzerland to implement their ideas. We can deploy venture capital to help entrepreneurial and sustainable start-ups in the energy sector to make their business ideas a reality. As such, we are promoting intelligent solutions for a sustainable energy future through financing and expertise.

Three people building a tower with wooden blocks. This symbolises the close and complementary style of cooperation with the corporate venture capital fund.

Venture capital and expertise: our commitment to start-ups

We promote intelligent solutions for energy and mobility – and thus support and shape tomorrow’s innovations today. After all, fresh ideas are needed if we are to achieve a sustainable and networked energy future. That’s why we see the energy transition as an opportunity and are developing smart innovations together with start-ups.

Together with our corporate venture capital fund, the Smart Energy Innovation Fund, we help start-ups from the energy sector to establish themselves quickly in the market. Not only do we invest venture capital in start-ups, we also combine the strengths of entrepreneurs with those of an established company: start-ups are agile, willing to take risks and inject new business ideas and models, while Energie 360° has the necessary capital, experience, market access and knowledge. With all this in place, such working together results in a higher success rate.

Investment from the Smart Energy Innovation Fund is about more than just capital. Young companies looking for early-stage capital benefit from additional advantages: the expertise, personal commitment and high-calibre network of the Investment Committee. Our experts offer start-ups assistance with all aspects of corporate and market development. This also gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to carry out an initial project as a test phase together with our relevant business division.

Our venture capital investment focus: sustainable energy

We use our venture capital to support start-ups that drive innovation in the areas of clean technology, energy, smart cities and mobility. This is because especially in the early phases of a company’s life, when capital is key, few investors in Switzerland put a clear focus on sustainability and future-oriented energy supply. As the first Swiss corporate venture capital fund in the energy sector, we invest specifically in the innovative power of our industry: with early-stage venture capital. We support young companies across Europe, investing in a sustainable energy future.

Three jars filled with coins, with a little green tree growing out of each jar. This symbolises that sustainability is central to the investments of Energie 360°.

Our investment criteria as an investor

  • Industry focus: cleantech, energy, smart cities, mobility

  • Phase: late seed to early stage

  • Capital requirements: CHF 0.5 to 3 million

  • Team: the founders provide relevant industry expertise, a clear vision and commitment.

  • Market traction: first sales already generated or market entry foreseeable

  • Region: DACH, Europe

  • Other criteria: clear competitive advantages, growing market, IPR, etc.

These start-ups are already benefiting from the Smart Energy Innovation Fund

We have already supported numerous young companies from all over Europe with our corporate venture capital fund. They have benefited from investment and the expertise of the Investment Committee.

We are involved in the following start-ups:

Liquind 24/7 GmbH (Exit)

Liquind 24/7 GmbH (Exit)

Berlin-based company Liquind 24/7 GmbH is creating Europe-wide distribution infrastructure for liquefied natural gas (LNG). As such, it offers an attractive alternative to heavy oil and diesel for shipping and heavy goods traffic.

Founder/CEO<br/>Gabor Beyer<br/>Christian Schneider<br/>Philip Maximilian Braunschweig

Sector: Energy

Exit: 2021

Luftmeister GmbH

Luftmeister GmbH

Thanks to its technology, Luftmeister GmbH is making an innovative contribution to more efficient energy use and climate protection alike. The air energy meters developed by this start-up are closing a gap in measurement technology.

Founder/CEO: Jens Amberg

Sector: Innovation – smart energy services

VoltStorage GmbH

VoltStorage GmbH

VoltStorage is developing a home storage system based on vanadium redox technology, which is a safer and cheaper alternative to lithium-ion batteries.

Founder/CEO<br/>Jakob Bitner<br/>Michael Peither<br/>Felix Kiefl

Sector: Innovation – energy storage

Distran AG

Distran AG

Distran is developing inspection equipment that uses ultrasonic acoustic sensors to detect gas leaks faster than current technologies, thus saving significant operating costs.

Founder/CEO<br/>Florian Perrodin<br/>Joel Busset

Sector: Pollutant reduction

Enerthing GmbH

Enerthing GmbH

Enerthing develops lightweight, highly efficient solar films for powering electronic devices. Among other things, this can significantly reduce battery consumption. Thanks to self-developed beacons and an associated smart platform, in future Enerthing will be able to service the fast-growing segments of asset tracking and indoor navigation with its own solutions.

Founders:  <br/>Dr. Christian Haase<br/>Dr. Michael Niggemann<br/>Dr. Martin Lenze

Sector: Solar technology



iLocator aims to develop and market a data management platform (to manage assets and infrastructure) and sensor technology (to collect and update data) in the smart infrastructure sector. The technology is used to capture and digitise inventories of physical infrastructures (assets) for cities and businesses.

Founders:<br/>Niels Heeser Nielsen<br/>Henrik Michaelsen

Sector: Smart infrastructure

STABL Energy GmbH

STABL Energy GmbH

STABL Energy GmbH develops and produces innovative modular power electronics for battery storage applications and e-mobility. STABL is aimed at manufacturers of industrial battery storage systems as well as manufacturers of fast charging stations and drive trains in electric cars. Their product enables increased energy efficiency and reliability at a lower overall cost through dynamic and intelligent interconnection of battery modules.

Founders:<br/>Dr.-Ing. Arthur Singer<br/>Dr.-Ing. Nam Truong<br/>Christoph Dietrich<br/>Martin Sprehe

Sector: Energy storage systems

Our teams

Portrait of Ruth Happersberger, Chair of the Investment Committee

Ruth Happersberger, Chair of the Investment Committee

Ruth is the founder of the Smart Energy Innovation Fund and Chair of the Investment Committee. She has been a member of the Executive Board of Energie 360° since 2010 and heads up the Strategy and Corporate Investment division.

Portrait of Metin Zerman, Investment Manager

Metin Zerman, Investment Manager

When entrepreneurs are looking for investors, Metin is their first point of contact at the Smart Energy Innovation Fund. His job is to find suitable start-ups, hold talks with them and assess their business plan.

Portrait of Verena Lübken, Innovation Integrator

Verena Lübken, Innovation Integrator

Verena is the gatekeeper to Energie 360°. She exchanges information with the various divisions and informs them of innovations that may be of interest to them. She also coordinates cooperation between divisions and start-ups.

The Investment Committee of the Smart Energy Innovation Fund

The Investment Committee is made up of experts with extensive knowledge of investment and business. The committee comprises:

Three men and a woman standing around a meeting table; two men shaking hands.

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