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At Energie 360°, we put our corporate values into practice by always behaving correctly and fairly in our work, both internally and externally. The excellent reputation enjoyed by Energie 360° is based not least on the honesty and integrity of its employees. In line with these principles, we have laid down the most important rules of conduct in a binding Code of Conduct. Compliance with the Code of Conduct is the personal responsibility of all employees.

We assume ecological and social responsibility

We align our activities with the principles of sustainable procurement. We have set ourselves the goal of acting in an exemplary manner in the areas of economic efficiency, the environment and social responsibility. Energie 360° is therefore committed to ensuring that its business partners also take their environmental and social responsibilities seriously and comply with the relevant legal requirements. Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers provides a strong basis for working with current and future suppliers.
If rules are disregarded or broken, it is essential to draw attention to the matter so that it can be resolved as quickly as possible and any damage can be avoided. For this purpose, we provide our partners, customers and all other stakeholders with an anonymous option on our website where they can report breaches of compliance or ask questions about compliance.

Codes of Conduct

Code of Conduct of Energie 360°, PDF

Code of Conduct for Suppliers of Energie 360°, PDF

Compliance reporting office

Whistleblowers have the option of submitting their information to Compliance at Energie 360° via the reporting office established externally on a web platform. The report can be submitted either in their own name or anonymously. If a report is submitted anonymously, it is not possible for the compliance officers or the platform operator to draw any conclusions about the identity of the whistleblower.
The reporting office is for dealing with compliance issues and is not a complaint platform for raising personal concerns. Please feel free to contact our customer service to provide feedback on our products and services.
Thank you very much for your support.

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