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How innovations are driving the energy transition

Visionary thinking for the energy and mobility solutions of tomorrow

We are working with partners from industry and research to develop the sustainable solutions of tomorrow. Innovations are the cornerstone of our future success and of a sustainable energy and mobility future.

Innovation is a core corporate value at Energie 360° and therefore forms an integral part of our strategy. Dialogue with external partners is particularly important to us as part of our open innovation approach. This allows us to obtain new inspiration for the company from the outside in a targeted manner. We work with customers, employees and partners to move forward day by day on the path to a renewable energy future, be it with visionary research projects, the innovative power of our innovation lab, support for start-ups with our own corporate venture capital fund or the implementation of specific projects.

We are proud of our pioneering spirit and our experience in dealing with new technologies, materials and processes. Our employees see themselves as the driving force behind the energy future. We define a starting point depending on our customers’ current situation, and help them to optimise or rethink the way they use energy.

Our innovation process

We harness the potential for synergies offered by innovation and transformation, and coordinate our innovation activities via an innovation process that is implemented throughout the company. Various tools give us guidance for our ideas, helping us to innovate effectively.

This method is based on trend management (analysis), our vision of the future (vision), fields of innovation (focus) and the Innovation Board (dialogue). You can learn more about our innovation process in our annual report.

  • Trend radar

    The trend radar collects knowledge about trends, technologies, social developments, new business models and customer needs. It helps us to systematically address future developments.

  • Decision-making body

    Promising ideas are presented to the Executive Board, which determines which projects we will actively pursue.

  • Fields of innovation

    Our fields of innovation include topics with significant future potential that is relevant to us. Two “Innovation field owners” monitor trends and developments. They are the internal contact persons and initiators for your field of innovation.

  • Innovation Board

    The Innovation Board is where the “Innovation field owners” regularly exchange ideas and assess their potential.

  • Innovation projects

    All our innovation projects are geared towards our motto.

  • Future hypotheses

    Along with our vision, the future hypotheses form the basis for identifying any emerging opportunities that could interest us.

  • Motto

    Our motto is “We are transforming our company to deliver only renewable energy by 2040.”

  • Vision

    Our vision represents the company’s consolidated view of our possible environment in 2040.

  • lab360 – innovations for the future

    We are finding the energy solutions of the future. Meet the interdisciplinary team at lab360 and find out how the team members work and what projects they are involved in.
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    Smart Energy Innovation Fund

    We support start-ups with a focus on cleantech, energy, smart cities and mobility.
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